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Virtualization and Cloud Computing Increase the reliability and performance of your business applications while reducing your operating costs and capital expenses. PRW.NET can host your public cloud, deploy your in-house private cloud or install your hybrid cloud. Our datacenters in San Juan, Atlanta and Dallas offer outstanding performance at a competitive price. Contact us about our server VPS or resource pool cloud accounts!!!

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Ethernet for High Performance Connectivity Our new Ethernet accounts offer Enterprises a scalable, high performance and low latency alternative for their Internet connectivity. Bandwidth levels are available from 3 Mbps to 20 Mbps with a cost as low as $112.50 per Mbps! Ethernet also offers the ability to quickly and easily add additional bandwidth without the delays associated with ordering new circuits.

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Joomla and cPanel Hosting Joomla and cPanel are now available on PRW webhosting accounts. By using a Content Management System (CMS) you can easily edit your web site add blogs, forums, image galleries, shopping carts and many other features that can make your site more functional to customers and visitors. cPanel greatly simplifies user and email management, backups, subdomains and many other web site administration tasks.

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Great values in DSL DSL connections offer a great value and fulfill the broadband requirements of many business and residential users with a high performance to cost ration. Pricing starts at $24.95 per month for 2 Mbps. Other accounts available up to 5 Mbps.

DSL services are available in all towns in Puerto Rico.

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Turbo Web

PRW Turboweb Accelerator
PRW.NET customers can now enjoy significantly faster web access on their dialup and DSL 512K accounts. Up to 5X faster web browsing can be achieved with a 5 to 10 minute installation! With the PRW TurboWeb Accelerator you will enjoy a significantly faster experience when you visit web sites, send and receive your e-mail, and perform many other web-based activities. Is is closely integrated to the PRW network to provide optimal performance. Best of all, the PRW TurboWeb Accelerator is available to WebSurfer accounts at no additional cost!!!

Extended Access

Extended Access
Our extended access option now includes access numbers at over 250 area codes within the US. PRW customers can now use their dialup accounts when travelling to the US. This extended access is being offered to WebSurfer accounts at no additional cost

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