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Virtualization and Cloud Computing Increase the reliability and performance of your business applications while reducing your operating costs and capital expenses. PRW.NET can host your public cloud, deploy your in-house private cloud or install your hybrid cloud. Our datacenters in San Juan, Atlanta and Dallas offer outstanding performance at a competitive price. Contact us about our server VPS or resource pool cloud accounts!!!

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Ethernet for High Performance Connectivity Our new Ethernet accounts offer Enterprises a scalable, high performance and low latency alternative for their Internet connectivity. Bandwidth levels are available from 3 Mbps to 20 Mbps with a cost as low as $112.50 per Mbps! Ethernet also offers the ability to quickly and easily add additional bandwidth without the delays associated with ordering new circuits.

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Joomla and cPanel Hosting Joomla and cPanel are now available on PRW webhosting accounts. By using a Content Management System (CMS) you can easily edit your web site add blogs, forums, image galleries, shopping carts and many other features that can make your site more functional to customers and visitors. cPanel greatly simplifies user and email management, backups, subdomains and many other web site administration tasks.

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Great values in DSL DSL connections offer a great value and fulfill the broadband requirements of many business and residential users with a high performance to cost ration. Pricing starts at $24.95 per month for 2 Mbps. Other accounts available up to 5 Mbps.

DSL services are available in all towns in Puerto Rico.

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Personal Accounts

Personal accounts

Terms and Conditions
Personal Accounts

Rev. 4/1/2015

This Agreement summarizes the terms and conditions of the Internet Access Service ("service") requested by the Individual ("you") and provided by ESS/Puerto Rico WebMasters ("ISP"). Your use of the service constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions listed below.

CHARGES: You agree to the fee schedules for the account you have selected as listed on the application form or fee schedule. Payment is due before service begins. There is a minimum charge of one month. Fees are not prorated. There is no prorating.  Service is paid in advance at the start of each billing cycle. All charges are non-refundable. ISP reserves the right to discontinue service if payment is not received within 5 days of the service period. There will be a $ 5 charge for returned checks or direct debits to your bank account. ISP reserves the right to change its fee schedule.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: The service, programs and any other products provided by the ISP to you as part of the service are provided "as is". Neither the ISP nor its suppliers make any warranties, representations or conditions of merchantability, quality, and fitness for a particular purpose.

TELEPHONE CHARGES: ISP will list all access numbers available on its web site. You are responsible for determining the appropriate number for your location. ISP is not responsible for any long distance telephone charges.

SECURITY: ISP does not guarantee that its security procedures will prevent the loss of, alteration of, or improper access to, your information. You are responsible to take the security measures required by the nature of the tasks you are performing on our service.

NOT FOR RESALE OR SHARE: You agree this account is only for use by you and family members living within your household, or for your small company (under 25 employees) at your location. Resale or sharing of the service is not allowed.

USE RESTRICTIONS: You agree not to use the web space provided for material that violates any laws or copyrights. Use of your web space to publish material of discriminatory or pornographic content is not allowed. This includes any links to such material. Unsolicited mass mailings are also prohibited in any way or form and will result in immediate account cancellation.

BANDWIDTH: ISP reserves the right to limit access bandwidth to the web space provided to that equivalent of a dedicated line of the same capacity of your contracted access.

TAXES: Taxes and fees are not included in account prices. Currently there are no taxes or fees on Internet access accounts, but this is subject to change at any time by state or federal regulations.

TERMINATION: This agreement can be terminated by either party by written or email notification.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement and the attached Schedules constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and shall supersede all previous oral and written communications between the parties.

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